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Sky Watch News - Scutum the Shield.

This page was last edited on 13 October 2019, at 10:36. Content is available under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. Scutum is not a bright constellation, with the brightest star, Alpha Scuti, at magnitude 3.85. But some stars are notable in the constellation. Beta Scuti is the second brightest at magnitude 4.22, followed by Delta Scuti at magnitude 4.72. Constellation List Below is the list of the 88 modern constellations recognized by the International Astronomical Union, along with their English names, size in square degrees, quadrant and the latitudes between which they are fully visible. Orion is the 26th largest constellation in size, occupying an area of 594 square degrees. Orion is most famously depicted from the Greek myths, as a hunter in the sky, wielding a shield in the right hand and a sword in the left. In the northern hemisphere, Orion means the return of colder weather. Named by Hevelius in the 1600s, Scutum represents the shield of Polish King Jan III, worn in the victorious battle of Vienna in 1683. Serpens – Serpent. Seprens represents the snake, held by Asclepius, the great Greek healer, depicted in the constellation Ophiuchus. Sextans – Sextant. Another constellation named by Polish astronomer, Hevelius.

15/05/2019 · The Big Dipper is popularly thought of as a constellation itself, but is in fact an asterism within the constellation of Ursa Major. It is said to be the most universally recognized star pattern, partially because it’s always visible in the northern hemisphere. It has great significance in the mythologies of multiple cultures around the world. The cross on the shield should represent this crusade, and the constellation serves as a memorial to a victory that defended Christian Europe from was believed to be an inevitable Islamic take-over. Scutum, Sobieski's Shield, is the name of this constellation. The word 'shield' is a generic term covering all defensive weapons.

Constellation Figures. In star maps it is common to mark line “patterns” that represent the shapes that give the name to the constellations. However, the IAU defines a constellation by its boundary indicated by sky coordinates and not by its pattern and the same constellation may have several variants in its representation. Constellation Phoenix Emerald: The Constellation Phoenix Emerald is a limited edition Constellation Phoenix with a emerald green livery. It is a part of the Saint Patrick's Day Promotion in March 2018. Development. The original four variants for the Constellation were designed by David Hobbins and Gurmukh Bhasin. The constellation Scutum, the Shield, is visible in latitudes south of 74 degrees north from June through August. The constellation was invented by the Polish astronomer Johannes Hevelius in 1690. It was originally drawn as the Coat of Arms of Scutum John Sobieskii, king of Poland.

Head, Club and Shield Stars. In addition to the brighter stars, there are also stars that make up the rest of the constellation. Three stars form a triangle consequently marking out Orions head and stretching up from Betelgeuse are five fainter stars forming the club. Scutum, Latin: “Shield” constellation in the southern sky at about 19 hours right ascension and 10° south in declination. Its brightest star is Alpha Scuti, with a magnitude of 3.8. The star Delta Scuti is the prototype of a class of pulsating variable stars. In 1687 Polish astronomer Johannes. The constellation of Scutum, the Shield, is best viewed in Summer during the month of August. It's brightest star is Alpha Scuti at magnitude 3.85. The boundary of the Scutum constellation contains 1 stars that host known exoplanets. Red supergiant UY Scuti is the largest known star in the universe at 1,700 times the size of the Sun.

The fifth-smallest constellation in the sky, introduced in 1684 by the Polish astronomer Johannes Hevelius under the title Scutum Sobiescianum, Sobieski’s Shield. He named it in honour of King John III Sobieski of Poland who helped Hevelius rebuild his observatory after a disastrous fire in 1679. Imagine being able to test an autonomous vehicle in a near-infinite variety of conditions and scenarios—before it even reaches the road. NVIDIA is making it happen, enabling the industry to safely drive billions of qualified miles in virtual reality with the powerful new NVIDIA DRIVE ™ Constellation.

Scutum, “The Shield” is another modern constellation created by Polish astronomer Johannes Hevelius in the late seventeenth century. Originally it was named Scutum Sobiescanum, “Shield of Sobieski” to honor John Sobieski, the king of Poland, who defeated the Ottoman forces in the Battle of Vienna in 1683. Roberts Space Industries Constellation brochure on RSI Website; Constellation Variants. The design team is working on 4 additional variants for the Constellation. Variant names shown on a promotional poster released August 8, 2014 were the Andromeda, Aquila, Phoenix, and Taurus. Scutum is a small and faint equatorial constellation which appears highest in the evening sky in the months around June. It is the fifth smallest of all the constellations, and was introduced by the Polish astronomer Johannes Hevelius in 1684 in honour of King John III Sobieski of Poland, who visited Hevelius's observatory a number of times. This page lists constellations according to stat types. The Constellation Andromeda is a Constellation variant. It was first seen on a hangar poster shown during Around the Verse episode 9. It was officially released during the Star Citizen Gamescom event in Germany Friday 8/15/14. This Constellation variant is a replacement for the base.

A constellation is a grouping of stars that represents one of the 88 divisions of the celestial sphere as defined by the International Astronomical Union. Many constellations are derived from old traditional asterisms, which are star patterns within a constellation. An example: the Big Dipper is an asterism inside of the Ursa Major constellation. On gaining their first Devotion point, the player can choose one of the stars of the Crossroads constellation to spend it in. This grants an affinity point which unlocks other constellations. These in turn grant the Affinity required to unlock constellations of a higher level. The Constellation Argo Navis: Johannes Hevelius’s Hidden Symbolism. The Esoteric Meaning of the Argo The Constellation Argo Navis is one of 48 constellations cataloged in Ptolemy’s Almagest in 2 nd Century. The Argo Navis was a huge constellation and is mostly only seen in the southern hemisphere. 10/04/2019 · We take a look at the Constellation Andromeda from RSI, go over some of the important stats of this large hauler, and give our thoughts on it's usefulness and possible upgrades. Special thanks to BradleyR for helping us capture footage. Upgrades:- FullStop shield generators XJ2 distortion cannons on the turrets C-788 ballistic.

The Constellation Andromeda, a multi-person freighter, is the most popular ship in RSI's current production array. Constellations are beloved by smugglers and merchants alike because they are modular, high powered. and just downright iconic-looking. Download 92 Scutum Shield Stock Illustrations, Vectors & Clipart for FREE or amazingly low rates! New users enjoy 60% OFF. 117,749,471 stock photos online. Add new page. Game Guide. Adventures.

Scutum Constellation. 10 Interesting Facts About the Universe. By Facts Insight. Hey Universers, We are back blogging now that we are all back to school. Check out this amazing video from Facts Insight Facts Insight is a brand new, and cool.

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